• Hot Products in Europe, US, Japan-DER YOU Baby Carbon
    October 12, 2020

    Hot Products in Europe, US, Japan-DER YOU Baby Carbon

    To drink good quality of water at anytime and anywhere. The Baby Carbon which has exported to Europe, US, and Japan has a humanize design. With its' tiny and portable feature, it can easily be carry in your bottle. You can now drink a healthy water whenever you want. It's simple but fashion! #Babycarbon #natural water #portable charcoal stick ​

  • Der You l Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
    August 15, 2015

    Der You l Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

    The original meaning of "ethics" is to do things in accordance with the objective needs of nature society  and human beings  to take into account the needs of people and me and to develop the world society and cause without violating natural development. Der You l Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 It continues to undertake the manufacture of original shoe molds and the development and design of shoe materials "German" is not a framework-based specification  but a dream in order to achieve team goals and continue to innovate Creative positive attitude. Because of our insistence on shoemaking each product meets the SGS inspection standard  We adhere to the "integrity  integrity and pragmatic  attitude of doing things  the "customer-oriented" service concept  committed to social welfare  and have a pure heart  Therefore a pair of healthy  stable  fun and naive shoes is achieved. Our products have a wide range of materials  including various soles insoles sporting goods, bedding composite materials etc The materials include patented latex TPU PU PE EVA rubber rubber foam etc finished shoes include casual men's shoes  Casual women's shoes leather shoes etc. In addition we have also developed many special innovative high-physical shoe products and have been actively developing patented products  At present we have obtained many patented inventions and obtained relevant certifications such as conformity certification. Due to the "customer-oriented" service concept it has comprehensively improved the characteristics of all shoe materials. It has switched to super-elastic ultra-wear-resistant ultra-slip-resistant environmentally-friendly plasticizer-free materials mass production of patented materials and composite materials Choose to provide customized services to meet customer needs.

  • 2014 Top 10 Remarkable Company-DER YOU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD
    January 01, 2014

    2014 Top 10 Remarkable Company-DER YOU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD

    Top 10 companies tutored by the ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs won award. Award presented by Vice Director Wen-Ling,Su.